Micro-Series Issue #3
Cover A by Amy Mebberson
Author Katie Cook
Illustrator Andy Price
Colorist unknown
Letterer unknown
Editor unknown
Publisher IDW Publishing
Release date May XX, 2013
Publication order
Previous Next
Issue #2 Issue #4

Official SynopsisEdit

"Rarity is in need of some well-deserved R & R after working hard on her new fashion line. A sweet spa retreat turns sour when Rarity learns that the establishment is a little too “down to earth”! How will this resourceful pony make the best out of this “rustic” situation? Read on to find out!"[1]


Regular CoversEdit

Retailer Incentive CoverEdit

Retailer Exclusive VariantsEdit

Digital ReleaseEdit

Cover GalleryEdit


Micro-Series Issue 3 Cover image gallery


  1. IDW Solicitations for April 2013, Bleeding Cool, Retrieved on January 23, 2013.

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