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Issue 2Edit

Issue 3Edit

Issue 4Edit

Issue 5Edit

Issue 6Edit

Issue 7Edit

Issue 8Edit

Issue 9Edit

Issue 10Edit

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Issue 20Edit

Micro-Series Issue 1: Twilight SparkleEdit

Micro-Series Issue 2: Rainbow DashEdit

Micro-Series Issue 3: RarityEdit

Micro-Series Issue 4: FluttershyEdit

Micro-Series Issue 5: Pinkie PieEdit

Micro-Series Issue 6: ApplejackEdit

Micro-Series Issue 7: Cutie Mark CrusadersEdit

Micro-Series Issue 8: CelestiaEdit

Micro-Series Issue 9: SpikeEdit

Micro-Series Issue 10: LunaEdit

Friends Forever Issue 1: Applejack & Pinkie PieEdit

Friends Forever Issue 2: Discord & Cutie Mark CrusadersEdit

Friends Forever Issue 3: Celestia & SpikeEdit

Friends Forever Issue 4: Twilight Sparkle & Shining ArmorEdit

Friends Forever Issue 5: Fluttershy & ZecoraEdit

Friends Forever Issue 6: Trixie & Rainbow DashEdit

Annual 2013 - Equestria GirlsEdit

Collected Editions & SpecialsEdit

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